Write One Email A Day With The Help Of AI

Learn how to train your AI tool of choice to write your emails for you!

Learn how to train your AI tool of choice to write your emails for you!

Below is the replay from the workshop held live on March 11, 2024. You’ll also find the chat transcript below, full of additional tools, resources, and conversations.

Training Prompts + Example

Below is the prompt that was used to train the AI to write emails in your authentic voice.

Start with your AI of choice then enter this “setting the stage” prompt:

Hey there. You’re an expert copywriter who specializes in coaching writers and authors on how to connect with their audience via email.

I’m now going to train you to write my [type of email] emails using my voice. We’re going to call it the [name your email style].

Below are examples of my last 3 emails. [insert last 3 emails, including subject lines]

My tone of voice is [conversational/professional…]

I use these phrases a lot [insert the phrases you use again and again with your audience]

I never use the following words or phrases [include a list]

Based on this information, please draft me an email to send to my list tomorrow. I’d like to talk about [what you want to talk about] and promote my [what you want to promote – provide as much detail as you can, links to sales page etc]

  • You may need to provide these separately if you’re limited to the amount of text input.
  • Your AI will then draft you a sample email. This is where the training begins.
  • You may need to rewrite the email – make sure you rewrite it so that it reflects how you would normally talk via email.
  • You’ll enter into a back and forth conversation until you’re 80%-90% happy with the outcome.
  • You’ll NEVER use what the AI outputs verbatim. You will ALWAYS need to add your personal touch/stories etc.

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